Cover Love #2

To begin, let us explain the idea behind Cover Love. We all know it, though we might not all admit it– we tend to judge a book by its cover. When the content on the inside is just as good as on the outside, well, that’s just an added bonus. Right? All jokes aside though, the cover of a book is actually extremely important in a reader’s decision to buy. The book cover has many purposes– to catch the eye of the reader, to portray the content within the book and to just… look… nice, gosh darn-it! Basically, the cover matters (as much as we readers like to say otherwise).

So, the point of Cover Love is to stop giving cover design such a bad reputation! Just as there is art in the form of words on the inside of a book, there is art in the form of cover design on the outside of a book. Thus, Cover Love was created to appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into cover design. We here at Twin Reads will post one cover a week and tell you about why we like it. Let’s give those cover designers some love!

The cover we love this week is…

The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse


This is pretty much the coolest cover we have ever seen! This eye-catching, graphic creation is the work of designer Lizzy Bromley. We love the bold and graphic style, the bright colors of the text, the geometric matrix forming the silhouette of the girl’s face, and the dark photographic elements combined together to form her head. The font is futuristic, bold, and readable while still giving the cover its own unique character.

The Forsaken is almost like a crazy, futuristic, sci-fi mix of The Lord of the Flies and The Hunger Games. Set in a future super-country compromised of the countries we know today as Canada, Mexico, and The United States of America, this story mostly takes place in the ruthless, prison-like world of The Wheel– a place where all 16-year-olds of the super-country known as the U.N.A. go if they fail a test designed to show a propensity for violent behavior. The life expectancy there: two years. This cover has the same dark, intense, and mysterious characteristics as the plot of The Forsaken. The jumble of images, forming one cohesive unit mirrors how the characters must piece together the obscure world of The Wheel that they have been unjustly banished too. Suffice to say, this cover perfectly represents the book’s mysterious and dark content, its imagery creates curiosity and draws in the eye, and it looks just plain awesome.

Let us know what you think of this cover in the comments. Did this cover stand out to you on the shelves so much so that you just had to have it to display at home? (Because we’ll admit, that’s the reason we originally picked up this gripping read). What do you think of the slight cover changes that occurred for the rest of the series?

We hope we introduced you to some more beautiful cover art. If you’re in the need of more wonderfully designed covers to satiate your eyes, then check out our first Cover Love post!


2 thoughts on “Cover Love #2

  1. OMG. THAT COVER IS SO COOL!! /add it to my goodreads tbr list/ LOL 😀 But seriously, that’s the coolest cover I’ve ever seen too haha

    Liked by 1 person

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