What’s Your Favorite Book?

Oh that’s an easy question! My favorite book is…


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling because it is the first book in my most beloved childhood series.

Wait a minute, though. I need to rethink this. My favorite book actually is…


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince because I DEFINITELY like this one better than the first one. It’s way more creepy and intriguing!

Hold on here, though. If we’re going down that route, then my favorite book probably is…


Fire with Fire by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian because it is a cute contemporary read but with a slightly chilling twist!

No, though. Now that I think of that, my favorite book is actually probably…


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell because it was so just darn adorable and I can completely relate to the main character, Cath!

But I can also relate to the main character in Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson, and who doesn’t love a good summer read?


But then, speaking of summer reads, I love…











EVER…(there is more but I think it’s best to end this mental breakdown here)

Oh gosh, maybe this question isn’t so easy to answer.

What is your favorite book? It is the question dreaded by readers everywhere. Really, “favorites” questions of any sort are just a complete pain! How am I supposed to pick my favorite movie? I mean its hard enough to pick my favorite of the EIGHT Harry Potter movies, how am I supposed to pick my favorite movie among THOUSANDS? How am I supposed to pick my favorite food? I mean I love pizza, but I also don’t mind a cinnamon roll now and then. You know what I mean? How am I supposed to pick my favorite color, when there exist infinite shades between just two different colors? Suffice to say, picking favorites is hard and nobody likes to do it. The questions is, why is it so hard?

And through the mental breakdown that is the beginning of this post, I think I have figured out that answering the age-old “favorite book” question is so hard because…


What our favorite book is, of course, depends on a lot of things.

Personal preference. Maybe you don’t like Fantasy. Hey, that’s alright. To each his own, as they say.

Mood. Maybe you don’t like Fantasy… normally, but today you’re in the mood to escape reality (thats me probably every day).

Point in life. Maybe as a kid you loved Fantasy and big adventures, but now you prefer to read about people you can relate to, who deal with everyday problems.

In the end, the point is that, we don’t love any of our most beloved books any less because they might not be what we prefer to read at this very point in our lives. In other words, once a book is a favorite, it stays a favorite. So, a book becomes a favorite because when we read it, in that specific mood, at that specific stage in our lives, it was what we connected with. It was what resonated with us. Thus, our current “favorite” book will be ever-changing, but every “favorite” will always hold a place in our hearts, even when its no longer the flavor of the week.

I guess then, that for me, my favorite book could be every book I have ever read, every book on my shelf the meant something different to me when I was reading it, every book that has given me the joy that is reading while I progressed through its pages.

What’s your favorite book? If you can’t answer that, no big deal! Give a list of just some of your favorites!


3 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Book?

  1. I loved this post. You are so right, I can never pick a favourite of anything, that will actually stick.
    If I had to choose it would have to be the Harry Potter series, Graceling and Noughts and Crosses. (But that’s just how I’m feeling today)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is really truly the hardest question to answer! Definitely would put Harry Potter and Graceling on our Favorites List as well! Although, we haven’t read the Noughts and Crosses series! Guess we need to give it a try if it is one of your favorites! Which book in the Graceling series do you like best?


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