Video: 25 Bookish Facts About Us

So, for today’s video we decided to give you guys a little more insight into who we are as readers. We thought, since we have only just started our YouTube channel, that telling you guys (our readers and viewers) 25 bookish facts about us would be the perfect way for you guys to get to know us a little bit better!

You guys can check out the video and hear all about our 25 bookish facts! Maybe we will have some weird reading-related personality quirks in common!

Also, let us know some bookish facts about you in the comments! We’d love to have the chance to get to know you guys better!


3 thoughts on “Video: 25 Bookish Facts About Us

  1. I’ve never read Twilight either, haha! I own the first book though, so it’s possible that I’ll get around to it soon-ish? Maybe? I also have to marathon series, because if I don’t read every book back to back, I forget the details and am too lazy for a reread. Oops?

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    1. Yeah, we think, although Twilight can get a really bad reputation sometimes, it is definitely worth reading (at least to see if you agree with all the hype or not, you know?)! Let us know if you get to reading it soon! We’d love to know what you think of it! Yeah we do the same thing. We just really like to remember every little detail and we can do that more easily if we read them all in a row!


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