Cover Love #11

It’s been a while since we have done a Cover Love, so we’re going to explain it one more time…

We all know it, though we might not all admit it—we tend to judge a book by its cover. When the content on the inside is just as good as on the outside, well, that’s just an added bonus. Right? All jokes aside though, the cover of a book is actually extremely important in a reader’s decision to buy. The book cover has many purposes—to catch the eye of the reader, to portray the content within the book and to just… look… nice, gosh darn-it! Basically, the cover matters (as much as we readers like to say otherwise).

So, the point of Cover Love is to stop giving cover design such a bad rep! Just as there is art in the form of words on the inside of a book, there is art in the form of cover design on the outside of a book. Thus, Cover Love was created to appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into cover design. We here at Twin Reads will post one cover a week and tell you about why we like it. Let’s give those cover designers some love!

So, the cover we love this week is…

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake


This awesome cover is the work of John Dismukes and Aurora Parlagreco. John supplied the art and the design was done by Aurora. We love the three crowns centered down the cover and how their beautiful metallic colors shine out from the ominous, dark, matte background. We love how each crown has its own intricate details—flowers and foliage, fire and smoke, and venomous snakes. We love the classic and sophisticated touch the white serif/script font combination brings to the title. Overall, al these elements add up to create a classy yet menacing cover that is bound to draw you in!

Three Dark Crowns is the story of three sisters (triplets) pitted against one another. Each generation of triplet queens must kill their siblings in order to crown the final, true queen. Each queen possess a special magical ability—the ability to control the elements, the ability to consume poison and the ability to control nature. Three Dark Crowns follows the lives of queens Katherine, Mirabella and Arsinoe before they change forever.

The three crowns on the cover depict the three different queens and their abilities. Flowers for naturalist, Arsinoe. Fire for elemental, Mirabella. Snakes for poisoner, Katherine. The dark, endless black background mirrors the way the color black is associated with the queens in the story.

We think this cover is a perfect representation of the story that’s inside the book (and it’s beautiful too!). What do you guys think of this cover?


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