My Twilight Reading Experience

41865 So, last week I talked about how I read Harry Potter for the first time this past year. Well, I also read another beloved series in 2016, Twilight.

Now, I know, Twilight doesn’t have quite the caliber of “beloved-ness” that Harry Potter does, but it is still a greatly hyped series that I had never gotten around to reading until last year.

Much like my experience with Harry Potter, I had started reading Twilight before, but never got past the first book. Actually, I didn’t even finish the first book. I got all the way to the end, I basically had 20 pages left, then I put it down and, well, I just forgot to pick it back up and it has been eating away at me ever since.

All of my sisters have read Twilight. All my friends have read Twilight. Heck, even my mom has read Twilight! But not me! That distinction didn’t belong to me. I had started and I had failed. I had never read Twilight.

So, I decided to give it one more go. I jumped in and started from the very beginning and I kept going until I was done! I even read the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, but when I was done I felt a little lackluster about it all. The series, to me, wasn’t nearly as good as all the hype made it sound. I felt like, in the first book, Edward and Bella suffered from a severe case of “insta-love”, as Meg and I like to call it. They seemed to fall for each other out of nowhere and really quite quickly.

49041After reading all the books I found that my favorite book in the series was New Moon. This was surprising to me because it is Meg’s least favorite of the series. I was just so much more enthralled with Bella’s life without Edward and I became hard-core team Jacob, that is until Jacob became a werewolf. One of my main qualms with Edward and Bella being together was that it always seemed like Edward was telling Bella what was best for her. She was never allowed to form her own opinions or do what she wanted to do, that is why I loved her time with Jacob! But, when he became a werewolf, he started doing the same thing! So, now, not only did Bella have to deal with the demands of a whiny, 100 year old vampire she also had to listen to what a whiny, teenage boy wanted her to do as well! Oh the drama, I just couldn’t take it!

Despite all of this though, my Twilight reading experience was really quite enjoyable. I loved the setting and the atmosphere of the books. I loved the world and intricacies of the vampires and werewolves. I loved finally getting to read something that has brought happiness to so many people. Even if it didn’t add so much to my life, I find it is always important to take the time to understand things that mean so much to other people. That is always worth your time.


2 thoughts on “My Twilight Reading Experience

  1. I’ve read countless reviews for the Twilight series, although I have not read them myself, ironically. In general I get a kind of love or hate vibe from the readers…You either are obsessed or want to rip the book to shreds, lol.

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