New Release Spotlight: The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night

Hi there everyone! Today is a special day because it is the release day for a very exciting book that we have been eagerly anticipating and we think you guys will be too once you hear a little bit about it. So, in order to get you guys all onboard with this awesome book, we thought today we would spend some time focusing on it and giving it a little bit of a boost. You may have seen it floating around bookstagram, but the book we’re talking about is a brand new, middle grade fantasy called The Crowns of Croswald by debut author D.E. Night!!!!

Here it is…


First of all, isn’t that cover just gorgeous? We know, we know, you guys totally agree 😉 But seriously, it really is one of the most beautiful covers we have seen so that already gives it a leg up in our book!

With that being said, let us give you guys a little bit of background on this great new fantasy read. The Crowns of Croswald, as we said earlier, is a brand new middle grade fantasy that is simply overflowing with whimsy, adventure and steampunk undertones and, in the middle of it all, is gutsy heroine, Ivy—just think part Cinderella, part Harry Potter and part Percy Jackson. If that doesn’t reel you in, we don’t know what will! But in case you’re still not quite on board (we don’t know how you couldn’t be…) here’s the magical synopsis:


In Croswald, the only thing more powerful than dark magic is one secret…

For sixteen years Ivy Lovely has been hidden behind an enchanted boundary that separates the mundane from the magical. When Ivy crosses the border, her powers awaken. Curiosity leads her crashing through a series of adventures at the Halls of Ivy, a school where students learn to master their magical blood and the power of Croswald’s mysterious gems. When Ivy’s magic––and her life––is threatened by the Dark Queen, she scrambles to unearth her history and save Croswald before the truth is swept away forever.

Whaaatttt????? Now you guys want to read it right? Right? Admit it? We’re all in the same boat. This book sounds and actually is AMAZING! And if you guys think the amazingness stops there then you guys are totally wrong. We have a couple of other awesome things about this book that we just have to share with you! So buckle up! You’re in for an exciting ride!


The new thing we’re actually going to say may seem weird, but we’re going to tell you to leave this post. Leave our site. Forget about us and head on over to author D.E. Night’s website. Turn on your sound, put in your headphones, turn down the lights and click the link on the home page that says “discover the adventure”—you will not be disappointed! We’ll wait…

So, now that you have checked out D.E. Night’s out-of-this-world interactive website and hopefully gotten yourself engrossed in the sample chapter written on worn parchment paper (which you can find at the end of your interactive journey) or caught in the spell-binding book trailer, you’re probably wondering “HOW HAVE I NOT TRIED TO GET MYSELF A COPY OF THIS BOOK ALREADY???” And, honestly, we are too. Like, what are you guys doing?


Now, in case you guys haven’t seen enough beautiful photos of this magical book on Instagram already, we thought we would include a couple more in our post so you can see the enchanting promotional materials that D.E. Night has been sending the book community across the internet! You can find more pictures by searching #crownsofcroswald or checking out D.E. Night’s Instagram!


D.E. Night lives, dreams, and writes in South Florida amid her menagerie—two dogs and two cats—with her husband. The Crowns of Croswald is her first book. She draws inspiration from silver-screen storytellers, magical imaginings, and her younger brothers. A day spent in Croswald, or another whimsical world, is her favorite kind of day.

You guys can find out the reasoning behind her pseudonym here!

And you can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


Of course if you would like to get your own copy of The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night, you can find her book on Amazon here and you will be one step closer to all the magic, whimsy and adventure of Croswald. You know we already have 😉

What do you guys think of this new magical middle grade book? Are you going to get yourself a copy? What are you most excited about when it comes to this book? Let us know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “New Release Spotlight: The Crowns of Croswald by D.E. Night

  1. Hallo, Hallo!!

    I saw you had favoured the Croswald tweet Ms Night sent me! I wanted to come check out your blog and see if you were reading Croswald, too! How wicked keen! You received the same lovely box of joy I did! Ooh, boy! Are you posting your review next? I had such a blast talking about the book – you can get caught up on my Croswald posts by visiting my The Sunday Post which has links to everything I did on my blog!

    Honestly – reading how you were so wicked engaged with the author’s site warmed my heart! This was my first impression of Croswald, too! And, I sadly thought it had been taken down – as on my unboxing I talk about this – however, it was a fluke of misluck! The day I went back to the site it malfunctioned for me and blessedly I found out it was all still there for everyone to enjoy! I had the *same!* reaction you guys did – what an incredibly gift, right!?!

    Wow. I’m just wicked happy to see others getting wicked giddy over #Croswald!!


    1. Yes the whole package is just so beautiful! We LOVE everything in it!!!! We are hopefully going to start reading it soon, and then we can post a review 🙂

      We just checked out your post too and we LOVED what you had to say about the website and your box and the book! SO GOOD!!

      AWWW you are just so sweet and it is so fun to find another person as excited about this book as we are YAY!!! And yes we really cannot get over the site, we just wish everyone in the whole world would go over there and check it out because IT. IS. SO. FRICKEN. COOL.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, thank you! I hadn’t realised you had visited me – I am reading a dramatic HistFic ( The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds) and therefore, I am only popping up to check on notices every so often! I almost didn’t see this reply as I’m so engrossed into the story… however, I’m so happy you felt this way about my #unboxing and my review for #Croswald! I couldn’t agree more – everyone needs to feel a part of the synergy the author has created for this lovely beautiful world! #sohappy to have found you! I eagerly await your review & we can talk more about the components of the story!


      2. No problem Jorie!! OOOOO that read sounds interesting as well. We might have to give that one go too 😉

        YES it was a great post! WE loved it. We can’t wait to share with you our thoughts 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am wicked excited to see what your thoughts will be – meanwhile I wrote a s/o to you & your lovely commentary here on this post on behalf of mine! I am hoping my readers & visitors will start to visit with you soon! Cheers!


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