13 Witchy YA Reads

Hi everybody! It’t late October and it’s that time of year again! A time for pumpkin picking, scary movie watching, candy eating (and overeating), Halloween decorating, and, of course, spooky book reading! For us, some of our favorite books to read at this time of year have to do with witches. Like, who doesn’t love … More 13 Witchy YA Reads

Bookshelf Tour Part 4

Annnnnnnnnnnndddd … WE’RE BACK! With the next installment of our Bookshelf Tour, of course! If you missed Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3, check them out ASAP! We know, we know, at this point you guys are probably wondering: “How many bookshelves do these people have?” “How many books can two people possibly have … More Bookshelf Tour Part 4