Summer Un-Haul

We are both graduating this Summer after we take our final study abroad trips and the idea of actually being adults has us in an organizing mood. We really wanted to go through our things and decide what it is we are going to want to take with us for the rest of our lives. … More Summer Un-Haul

Recent Book Haul

Hello everybody! We are back! And we realized that we have actually purchased quite a few books/ebooks in the last couple of weeks and we thought it would be a good idea to share them with you. We had some giftcards from Christmas and we rediscovered the joy that is Amazon, so suffice to say … More Recent Book Haul

July Book Haul

Hey guys! So, we’re back today with a small book haul of all the awesome reads we bought throughout the month of July. We’ve got some great books that we are super excited to share with you and hopefully we will be reading them soon too (instead of just ogling them on our shelves)! Okay, … More July Book Haul

May Haul

Summer is completely underway at this point and we have been busy. We have been working, reading, working out and cleaning. It has been pretty crazy. We recently did a book unhaul so we are definitely trying to slim down our book collections at this point, however that didn’t stop us from picking up a … More May Haul

Book Un-Haul

So, as you guys know, school just finished and we are finally back home with all of our wonderful books at the tips of our fingers. However, when we got home we realized we literally have NO SPACE left for any more books. This predicament got us thinking and we actually decided to get rid … More Book Un-Haul

April Book Haul

So, life is getting pretty stressful here for us at school. Finals are swiftly approaching and we are just a tad overwhelmed, but we refuse to fall behind on Twin Reads because of it! So we thought, for the sake of our sanity, we would just put together a quick little book haul for you … More April Book Haul