The Happiness Tag

Hello everyone! So as you’ll probably know if you read our posts from last week, we have been trying to catch up on our tags/awards lately, and we are finally starting to make a dent in them, which we are SO happy about. With that being said, we do still have a few more that … More The Happiness Tag

The Fall Book Tag

We’re back! And, as we said earlier this week, we are continuing to get through some tags! Today we have for you the Fall Book Tag (NOT to be confused with the Autumn Book Tag that we posted on Monday). Yes, for those of you wondering this IS a different tag/post from the Autumn Book … More The Fall Book Tag

The Liebster Award

So, we are trying to get through the awards we have been tagged in so next one we have is The Liebster Award! We were tagged by/want to thank the awesome Maniacal Book Unicorn. The rules are… Thank the person who nominated you and answer the eleven questions they have written for you Nominate 11 people … More The Liebster Award