July 2018 TBR

Today we have another monthly post, and it is of course our July TBR. Our TBR post always makes an appearance at some point each month on the blog and today is the day this month. We haven’t really thought that much about what we will be reading in July, with us both being so … More July 2018 TBR

June 2018 TBR

June is a little bit of a busy month for us, so we’re not really sure we are going to be getting done as much reading as we have been doing normally for the last couple of months. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t try! So, like always, we are going to set ourselves … More June 2018 TBR

May 2018 TBR

YAYAYAYAY its time to try to come up with what we hope to read next month. If you guys read our TBR posts consistently you would know that that first sentence is slightly sarcastic. We really AREN’T that excited to try and come up with our TBR. And that is because normally find it pretty … More May 2018 TBR

April TBR

It’s finally a new month! Which means it is time to think about what new books we will be reading in April. TBRs have always been a hard thing for us because, a lot of the time, we pick the books we want to read on a whim—we don’t think about it at all in … More April TBR

March TBR

After TWO great reading months to start the year, we really want to keep our reading ball rolling, so, naturally, we have some books in mind for this month in order to keep up our pace. We have really been enjoying reading from our local library app in the past month or so, and we … More March TBR

February TBR

Our reading for 2018 so far has been going great! We each read five books in January! Which is more than we finished in any month last year. So, things are looking up for us in terms of reading and we are ECSTATIC! This means, that our TBR posts will probably hold a little more … More February TBR

January TBR

Hello again everyone! We hope your holidays are going well so far and that you are looking forward to the new year! Because it is almost the end of the month (and the year) we are sharing with you guys what we hope to read next month, in January, for the beginning of 2018. If … More January TBR

Christmas TBR

So, Christmas is quickly coming upon us! And before the actual day gets here, and all the family parties start happening, we wanted to get in some reading. Who knows when we will have time to read again?! Especially because Christmas and New Year’s can be such a hectic time of year. That means, we … More Christmas TBR

December TBR

It’s the beginning of a new month and you guys know what that means—TBR!!! And that is exactly what we are going to give you guys today. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR DECEMBER!! In case you couldn’t tell by all of the caps, we really mean it. Sure, we are excited for Christmas and all … More December TBR

November TBR

Hi everybody! We’re back, and if you hadn’t noticed already, you will know that last month we had a TERRIBLE reading month (in other words, we didn’t read a single book), hence the lack of an October Wrap-Up post. We know, we know, we live a shameful existence, but our lack of reading this month … More November TBR