April Book Haul

So, life is getting pretty stressful here for us at school. Finals are swiftly approaching and we are just a tad overwhelmed, but we refuse to fall behind on Twin Reads because of it! So we thought, for the sake of our sanity, we would just put together a quick little book haul for you … More April Book Haul

The Liebster Award

So, we are trying to get through the awards we have been tagged in so next one we have is The Liebster Award! We were tagged by/want to thank the awesome Maniacal Book Unicorn. The rules are… Thank the person who nominated you and answer the eleven questions they have written for you Nominate 11 people … More The Liebster Award

50th Post!

Hey everyone, so today is a special milestone for us because this is our 50th post here on Twin Reads! To celebrate we decided to give you all a list of 50 of our favorite books/comics/graphic novels (in no particular order). Here we go… It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizinni The Nanny Diaries by Emma … More 50th Post!